Voice Over IP (VOIP) with EME

EME offers reliable VOIP phone service for your business. IP phones offer the flexibility to easily work from both the office and remotely from home. Our service also lets you make and receive business calls on your mobile devices via an app. There are a variety of phones and configurations to fit your needs. Please don’t hesitate to call with any inquiries.

What is Voice Over IP?

Simply put – VOIP is the modern way to make phone calls. Unlike traditional phone networks, “Voice Over IP (internet protocol)” uses the power of the internet to carry voice signals between capable devices.  Potential devices include handsets, smartphones, laptops, and more. Using a VOIP system may provide many benefits including:

  • Lower installation and operating costs than traditional phone systems.
  • Easily scalable to fit the needs of a business of any size.
  • Versatility of use – send and receive calls using wired and wireless devices.
  • Automated services such as redirection of calls and voicemail.
  • Many more.

VOIP with EME Solutions

Technicians at EME take a “plug and play” approach to setting up VOIP systems, so we can have your business communicating efficiently in no time. We work with businesses to find the solution that meets your needs. This may include desktop hardware or mobile apps, so calls can happen when and where you need them to. Knowledgable experts will ensure that your VOIP system is configured to fit your needs and that you are properly trained to use your system right away.

Additionally, EME technicians are experts at diagnosing and performing maintenance on our VOIP systems. Should any issues arise with your VOIP we respond quickly to have you back in operation as soon as possible,

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