EME Computer Repair Services Computer Repair Services 

At EME Solutions Inc. our team of skilled technicians provides fast, reliable computer repair services you can count on. We know that you rely on your computer every day to communicate with clients, manage your home security system, and keep you, your family, and your business connected.

We understand that when there’s a problem with your computer, you can’t afford to waste your time trying to deal with complex software updates or worrying about whether or not your computer will crash – that’s why we strive to complete every computer repair job quickly and efficiently.

When To Call A Computer Repair Technician

Knowing when to have your computer checked by a qualified repair technician can be difficult. Just like with a car, some problems are obvious (like when you can’t get your computer to power on) while other issues develop over time, like slow performance, strange noises, or intermittent crashes.

Here are some of the most common warning signs that you should call us here at EME Solutions:

    • Your computer crashes periodically
    • You’ve noticed your computer doesn’t run as quickly as it once did (for example, it takes longer to load web pages or videos won’t play correctly)
    • Your computer seems to get hot quickly and/or the fan runs frequently
    • There are strange noises coming from your computer
    • The speakers no longer work
    • You can’t power your computer on
    • There’s an odd smell coming from your computer
    • You can’t connect to the internet
    • You are unable to access data from the hard drive
    • The screen flickers
    • Your laptop computer no longer holds a charge

All-Makes Computer Repair Services

Here at EME Solutions, we have the experience and advanced training it takes to quickly diagnose any problem with your computer equipment.

Whether you need help with your home PC, require assistance with your laptop computer, or are having technical issues with your computer-based point-of-sale system, we’ll provide you with the fast, reliable computer repair services you need.

Contact our team of computer repair experts today to find out more about our comprehensive computer repair services for consumers and companies throughout Western New York.