Vanner Insurance Agency


September 2, 2016

EME Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 152
Getzville, New York 14068

Mr. Paul Donahue

Paul, thanks so much for all the great service you have provided to us over the past five plus years.
It has been a pleasure working with you and your associates. We greatly appreciate the quality
HP Printers we have purchased from EME Solutions at a very competitive price and the super
rates on the toner.

As an CFO, it has been fantastic to see savings of over $10,000 per year. The fact that we have had
super service and great quality with this cost reduction has been wonderful, thanks again!

Please do use Vanner Insurance Agency as a reference, we would be glad to take any calls that you
send to us as a reference.


Craig P. Scarupa, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Vanner Insurance Agency

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